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Affiliaters provides the perfect starting point for your affiliate Marketing. Forget all the boilerplate and focus on what matters: Your Affiliate Links and Your Affiliate Page.

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NIVEA MEN Men Sensitive After Shave Lotion  (100 ml)


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LOreal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo Plus Combo Pack Women  (1100 ml)


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How it works

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Superhero Scaffolding. is a Full on Automatic Affiliaters Packege. That Provide a lot to its friends(Affiliaters)

We Provide One Click Link Converter and one Click copy the converted link.

You can convert lot of others affiliate link to your affiliate link automatically.

We Provide a Deals page with every user's Affiliate link who register with us

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What you get in Affiliaters
I am the single Developer or You can say one man army who is providing such a seviece to you guys. I am providing you following Servieces and promise will continuous adding more

Automatic Link Converter

You just copy the full post from other FB/WHATSAPP groups and Paste it in Full Post Converter and wait for soconds we will convert it to you affiliate link.

Simple and Sweet ui

You Gona Love the UI that is provide by me to every user. It is Simple and Sweet. You will get everything in this.

URL Shortner

Now shorting your affiliate url is our work. You will get every converted affiliated link shorted by you do not need any shortner after this

Get Deals Automatically

Now no worry if you are removed from Groups, We will provide you full of deals that is shared over the internet automatically. You just copy and paste where you Want

Get your own Website

You will get a web url with your USERNAME where the deals with your Affiliate ID will Automatically posted time to time and you will able to post your own deals too. i think you seen demo of mine

Increase Sales

When you do not do extra work more than copy paste than you provide more deals to your customers/followers and a place your website wich will updated everytime will increase sales too.

Refer and Earn

We know every one of you just want to get profit from everywhere so we also provide your a opportunity to earn some money when your refer us to others

No Minimum Payout

Your referral moneys is yours even it is RS. 1 or RS. 1Lakh. we will transfer it to you where you want even in bank/upi/Paytm


You can take rest we will do every thing for you like posting new deals on your deal page and finding new deals and coverting than into your Affiliate url. when you wake just copy and paste where you want

More is Comming Soon and I am Working hard for it


Adding Security day by day.finding more leaks in it and fixing the new issues requested by user

Android App for Every user's Deal Page

I am working hard for making android app for every user's user Deals page that he/she dont loos followers. Because android app is Basic these days for everyone

Chrome Extension

Also working hard for it to provide affiliaters to convers there post from there chrome browser without login into the website, A quick and easy way to conversion

I built because I have a passion for building great web applications and helping others do the same. I've poured my heart into making sure gives your next step to earning from affiliate marketing

Govind Tiwari
Creator of
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